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Superluminal - Machine Learning Engineer


Boston, MA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Research Sci/Assoc/Mgr
  • Industry: Life Science
  • Post Date: 05/30/2023
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 200 Berkeley Street, 18th Floor, Boston, MA, 02116

About RAVen

RAVen (RA Ventures) is the venture-focused arm of RA Capital Management, LP, a Boston-based biotechnology and life sciences investment firm.

Job Description

Superluminal Medicines, Inc. is seeking a Machine Learning Engineer to join their vibrant team. The company is a target and biology-first drug discovery organization that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) methods to common drug development bottlenecks while paying close attention to the seamless integration of biology, chemistry, and computation. This is a unique opportunity to build and grow a fruitful career with the company, apply your AI/ML expertise to solve real world problems and leave a positive impact, advance the state of the practice of drug discovery and development, and address the unmet healthcare needs and help patients worldwide. 
Context of the Job/Major Challenges
This position is key to executing the core mission of Superluminal: utilizing computation, machine learning and protein structure determination, at scale, to accelerate the discovery of novel small molecule therapeutics.

The major challenges related to the role are:
  • This is a complex and innovative approach to small molecule discovery and requires a creative mindset 
  • This role requires the ability to cooperate with internal stakeholders and manage external partners 
  • The candidate needs to contribute to developing an appropriate AI/ML frameworks in a start-up environment while building and managing a team 
  • The ability to work as part of an agile team that supports fast implementation, rapid decision making while maintaining high level of coordination between internal and external parties
Roles and responsibilities
  • Work with the team to build and evolve the drug discovery and development platform (Hyperloop)
  • Research, advocate, and implement the best practices (machine learning operations, machine learning design lifecycles, software development lifecycles)
  • Collaborate with the cross functional drug discovery team to identify drug discovery bottlenecks and use right tools to address the issues
  • Conceptualize, implement, validate, and deploy AI/ML tools and modules and integrate them into the platform
  • Extract and cleanse drug discovery data from public or internal repositories, collaborate with external data providers, use the data to train, deploy, and update machine learning models, and build pipelines to automate the process. The machine learning models can include, but are not limited to compound property prediction, affinity modeling, target deconvolution, de novo design, etc.
  • Quantify and benchmark model performance, proactively address performance gaps, and deliver validated, top-performing models
  • BS (3+ yr working experience), MS (1+ yr working experience), or PhD in computer science, data science, cheminformatics, or other STEM disciplines with a strong component on artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Strong programing skills with Python, familiar with software development lifecycle models
  • Experience on machine learning and deep learning methods, including classical machine learning algorithms, convolutional neural network, recurrent neural network, graph neural network, natural language processing, supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning
  • Familiar with multiple frameworks, toolkits, and packages such as scikit-learn, keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch, numpy, scipy, pandas
  • Strong problem-solving and good communication (verbal and written) skills
  • Open minded, willing to learn, and able to learn on the fly
  • Past productive collaboration with people of diverse technical background
  • Nice to have: RDKit, DeepChem, cloud computing, MLOps, AutoML